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Just Curious: Who is superstitious when it comes to the number 13? We have a full year of "# 13" beginning in exactly 6 months. We will also have a "Friday The 13th" this next month (July)- We had 2 other months this year with a "Friday The 13th"; January and April- But no more this year!

So, if you are superstitious, how will you prepare for next year?

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Many buildings do not have a 13th floor yet some of the best athletes have worn # 13 on their jersey; NFL QB's Kurt Warner and Dan Marino immediately come to mind- Each has been to the Super Bowl; Warner has been to 3 and won 1 and Marino has been to 1 but did not win, so...

My wife worries what she will do about 2013. She is very superstitious. She is an established real estate agent and is thinking of going on vacation for the whole year so her business is not jinxed! Maybe will leave Jan 31 2012 and return Jan 1 2014. Myself, I am not even thinking about it.

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