I've never had an opportunity to do VO work for anyone? I'm running out of ideas on who I should send my new demo to. Thanks.

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William, Are you able to upload here? Check out info on the news "FAQ's" page: http://allstarvoices.ning.com/page/member-demos
Yes, thanks, but I uploaded to My Music so my demo would play automagically when someone clicked on my profile:)

Google production companies and call them up or email them.  That's what I've done.

Thank you Phil. That sounds like a great idea!

If you are trying to sell your music, another avenue would be to contact art and creative directors at advertising agencies. Perhaps they would be interested in using your music for a commercial, or have you write something for them. You can find many ad agencies at www.aaaa.org.

In my book, How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, which is used by actors, models and photographers, I teach people how to market themselves. You can read more about marketing at my site, www.HowToModel.com.

Best of luck to you.

Aaron Marcus


My pleasure William.

I have no idea what you are looking for, but maybe contacting a local college or university in your

area would be helpful. You could talk with the film students about your services. Even if you don't get

paid, it might be helpful to you to have your music used as a soundtrack in a film.

Take care.

Aaron Marcus

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