This group, hopefully, will be a good place for members, new and old, to go for answers to problems with recording and editing audio. Although it is basically about Adobe Audition, ANY questions regarding audio recording are welcome.

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  • I like 3.0 better than the newer versions, they have so many features it is boggling. I do audio synced to video all the time and 3.0 works great. Audition is a great tool.

  • Hi Rob!

    Welcome and great to hear Mac likes CS5.5.  I'm thinking of upgrading to a Mac myself.  I use Adobe CS6.

  • Hey all,

    Great to be part of this group.  I am using CS5.5 on my Mac and love it.

  • Most free editing programs aren't multi-track-not very helpful if you want to mix. I've used Adobe in radio and 3.0 at home. Frankly, I prefer the older models. Better effects and fewer superfluous bells and whistles. Shop around. You can do better than $349. And DON'T BUY ONE USED!

  • Abobe 3.0 - every once in a while on playback and occasionally on record - it skips/jumps. Any way to avoid that?

  • Thanks Mike!

    I see that option in there.  I'll have to hook up my chain tomorrow (yes it's USB) and play with it.  It won't let me select it as it's not hooked up right now... however, it shows my M-Audio as a choice from when it WAS hooked in... so that should work just fine. Thanks!

  • Moe, 

      Go into 'edit' and then 'Audio Hardware Setup' (3rd up from the bottom).  From there, you can pick what you want in the 'Audio Driver" drop-down for both the 'edit' and 'multitrack' views.  Since you're using an add-on signal chain (USB I assmue), it should show up as an item separate to "Audition 3.0 Windows Sound".  If not, you'll have to change your input source via Windows Control Panel and leave Audition on the 'windows sound' selection as it will pick up whatever the O/S is using.

    Hope this helps some!


  • Just put AA3 on my laptop as a backup system as my desktop seems to be having issues.  It works great, but if i plug in my preamp/interface/mic chain, it still records off the laptops mic and not my sound chain.  Does anyone know where and what the setting are in AA3 to get it to use my sound chain rather than the laptops built in system?  Can still use laptop speakers (or i can plug in my monitors if needed) but just need the recording settings.

  • I've got CS 5.5.  

    I don't like that I can't GROUP my clips in the multitrack and;

    I don't like that I can't preview music (I have to use winamp).

    What do you do after you record a scratch track:

    Noise reduce?




  • Hi everyone!  I'm new to All Star Voices but have been in the voice over industry for over 14 years now.  I've used AA 1.5 and before that when they were Cool Edit Pro.  AA 1.5 is light on computer resources and does the job I need for voice or full blown multi track production.  I'm here to share my experience with those who need some help too.

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