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  • Promote, Promote, Promote!

  • Hi Gang,

    It's great to be a part of this group.  I do a lot of personal marketing of my VO brand and I also get out and network a lot.  I hope to learn some new marketing ideas from others in the business.

  • Hi all New to the VO World! Coming from radio and decided to get into Voice overs. Anybody have any god suggestions for groups on here for a Newbie?

  • Will your VO marketing foundation stand?http://youtu.be/myAZ1vYkxK4

  • Congrats Bill!

  • Today I celebrate 100 VO related YouTube videos!  Thanks for watching :-)


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  • @Bill Thanks for your input! =) good to know what you think. I want to thank you for you videos as well, they have helped me a lot to get things together now that I am free lancing on my own.

    Once I finish my web page, I will finish listening to your videos.. there are so many! THanks a bunch!

  • @Erika . . . I just listened to your demo mix and I am very impressed!  You have a great range and your producer did an excellent job as well.  

  • @Tim . . . No, I have never had a manager.  There was a time when I researched it pretty thoroughly, but could not find anyone (though since I've seen a few)  My experience has been that agents do not serve a management function (at least in my experience).  It's still very much a "cattle call" approach to auditioning.  Clients often cast work through multiple agencies (it's not unusual for me to receive the same audition from multiple agents), which means it's you and hundreds of the nation's best auditioning for the same jobs.  I occasionally land a gig through an agent but would starve if that was my sole source of work.  Management is not needed.  What you do need is a business/marketing plan that works in today's market.  The old vo business model (get an agent...get rich) simply does not work anymore.  I have about 9 hours of video content posted through my blog at www.voice-over-training.org or my YouTube channel "VoiceOverExpert" on the topic that you may find helpful.

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  • Hello Folks, I am French VO, based in Paris, France (then, sorry for my English), and I think like Bill. I am in this industry for over 20 years and I have my own studio since 5 years and I work alone. Of course, I have agents (or to be more precice, I am registered in Voice Banks) in USA, GB, Germany, ... But my jobs come of my own researchs, not all but 95%.
    To do that, I send demos and a link to my website. And on my website, there are a lot of demos ; generic demo, of course, but also by kind of work (corporate films, documentaries, e-learnings, characters,...) and also videos. And it works good !!

    But I also think my great experience in this industry is a plus, of course.

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