About Me

VO- I Currently Work In:

Radio, Telephony, Production, Training, Other

VO- Types of Voice Projects I Do:

TV, Movies, Advertising, Commercials, Endorsements, Audio Books, Video Games, Podcasts, Webcasts, Promos, Animation / Cartoons, Children's Projects, Movie Trailers, Video Game Trailers, Miscellaneous Trailers, Audio Tours, Announcements, PSA's (Public Service Announcements), IVR / Telephony (Telephone Systems / Voice Mail), Miscellaneous Presentations, Business Video / Audio, Training Audio / Video, Instructional Material / Aids, Educational Projects, Tutorials, Medical Narration, Legal Narration, Other Professional Narration, Religious / Faith Based Content, Spiritual (Non Religious) Content, New Age Content, Adult Oriented Content, Music / Songs, DJ'ing (Clubs / Parties /Weddings /Events), Sports Oriented Content, Live Sporting Events, Live Non Sporting Events, Volunteer / Non Profit Projects, Other

VO- Voice Gender(s) and Voice Age Ranges I Do:

Baby, Child, Pre Teen, Teenager, College Age, Mature Adult, Middle Age, Senior, Elderly

VO- My Voice and Character Types:

Authoritative, Submissive, Serious, Dry / Straight, Dramatic, Romantic / Sultry / Sexy, Funny / Humorous, Witty, Sarcastic, Trendy / "Cool", Naughty, Good, "Square", All American, Off-Beat, Arrogant, Pompous, Wry, Other

Languages I Speak Other Than English:


VO- Experience In My Field:

5- 9 Years

VO- My Union and Association Affiliations:

SAG, AFTRA, Other / None