Focus On Your VO Niche- By James Alburger:

If you've been studying or working in voiceover for a while, you've probably found a niche that you really want to focus on. 

If that's you, the the VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive Event weekend workshop (P.I.E.) may be just the thing to bring your hidden performing talents to the surface.

Just bring a few challenging scripts in the gender of your choice to the PIE workshop and you'll leave with an entirely new perspective on how to work with within that niche.

But PIE isn't just for pros. If you're just getting started, I've got an 85 page workbook filled with scripts, tips, and a lot more. So, even if you're just exploring voiceover niches, there's a lot you will learn at PIE.

The next PIE workshop is Saturday and Sunday, January 26th and 27th, 2019 in San Diego.

You'll find all the details HERE, or just go to and click on the link.

I wish you all the success you deserve in your voiceover work and I hope to see you at the next PIE workshop.

James Alburger

Author:  "The Art of Voice Acting"

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